Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Riders and Their Rides - Agent Ren®

Name: Ren a.ka. Adrian
Age: >31 (Old man also)
Frame Set: KHS Alite2000 Size 17
Fork: RST Omega TnL, 100 mm Lockout
Gear Groupset: Shimano XT
Shifters: Deore
Wheelset: Mavic Crossride Disc
Brakes: WinZip Disc brakes, 180/160 mm (Mechs)
Stem: Truvativ XR, 90mm
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow Trans Am
Seat Post: FSA FR-270, 27.2 x 350mm
Handlebar: Ritchey WCS Flat Carbon

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another FRIM ride but this time with more new friends!

It was a nice morning. I would say everybody should be exited to go biking with friends. I woke up early, pack my bike and stuffs to the car and proceeded to the nearest mamak stall. Had 2 pcs of roti canai and a glass of teh tarik, I rushed to office to meet my colleagues Donald and Peter.

We then drived to LDP Kepong toll where I met Noob, Gerard Eddy and Julia(hope no mistake here). Noob's car was not visible along the highway,.. I tried to slow down but still there was no sign of his car. Since it's nearby, I decided to drive straight to FRIM and then only call him.

Later, I found out that he couldn't start the car. After few attemps, I think he was able to start the car. Peter, Donald, Eddy, Julia and myself were deploying our bikes from car.

Adrian appeared with his nice KHS bike,.. friendly guy,.. he introduced himself to all of us. At last, Noob arrived within minutes. CK, Mel and Janson were still on their way when we went in.

Eddy, Julia, Noob, Gerard and myself started off using Rover track. Donald, Peter, Soledad, Turuna and Adrian went off for tarmac ride.
This is Adrian, the friendly biker

Halfway through Rover, CK, Mel and Janson joined us, followed by Adrian. All re-regrouped at waterfall area.We proceeded straight to Steroid junction after some quick chit chat. Noob and Gerard were exhausted due to yesterday's night ride at Putrajaya. Both of them looked tired with only few hours of sleep.

Steroid was tough as usual. The climb is killing, man!
Adrian and Janson went up all the way to heli-pad while CK, Mel and Me took some pictures,... free pics, no film needed according to CK, hey!

I received a call from Donald and I gotta see him with Turuna. Peter and Soledad not visible.... gone home. I went down along with Adrian and Jensen to the bottom of steroid.

CK at almost the peak of Steroid climb...

There were so many bikers at the bottom part of the hill... Mountain biking has been more popular lately! I rushed alone to meet Donald, had some chats with Turuna also. Both Donald and Turuna went home after that.

I then regroup with Team CK and we joined Noob's team at road side stalls. This time, comes the fun part, they were discussing about going to Dream Trail. Hmmm, sounds nice. Scarry as well for me.
Janson posing with Mel supporting 2 bikes!

What the heck, I don't wanna be left alone; if those guys go, I should follow. And we went,... nice trail! Lots of ups and downs, single-track trail, covered with rocks and roots and not to forget - fallen trees. Oh my,.. I had hard time to climb! Once going more towards downhill, there were few switchbacks where I manage to take it by slowing down.
Nice group... but Janson not there, he's taking this pic.

Janson lost control on one of the switchbacks and he ejected out from his nice Giant Trance bike! Luckily he was unhurt; what a relief. That switchback was dangerous! We went more downhill towards the end,... NICE!
Janson with his nice Giant Trance 2 bike... happy chap!

Group photo taken by CK... after Dream Trail...

We took group photo at the end of Dream Trail and at the end of the ride, we discuss the next journey. We left FRIM happily with many new friends!

Riders and Their Rides - Agent MJ®

Name: MJ®
Age: >25
Frame Set: Merida Sub40D Size 20
Fork: RST Gila ML, 80 mm Lockout
Gear Groupset: Shimano Alivio
Wheelset: Disc Double walled, black
Brakes: Tektro Auriga Comp, 180/160 mm
Stem: X-Mission Speed, 17°
Saddle: Sub Art
Seat Post: Alloy Cen, Ø27.2 mm

Riders and Their Rides - Agent Mel®

Name: Mel®
Age: >22
Frame Set: Giant Anthem 3 Size 14 XS
Fork: RS Reba Race 100mm
Gear Groupset: Shimano Deore / XT
Wheelset: Mavic XC717, with Hope Pro 2 gold
Brakes: Shimano BR-M775, 180/160 mm
Stem: Alloy
Saddle: Giant VL1127
Seat Post: KCNC Ti Pro Lite 30.9x350mm

Riders and Their Rides - Agent CK®

Name: CK®
Age: >25
Frame Set: Merida TFS500D Size 14.5
Fork: SR XCM-H-D-LO, 80 mm Lockout
Gear Groupset: Shimano Deore / XT
Wheelset: Alex DP-17 Disc, black
Brakes: Shimano M485, 180/160 mm Hydraulic
Stem: X-Mission Comp OS, 7°
Saddle: TFS
Seat Post: KCNC Ti Pro Lite 31.6x350mm

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Riders and Their Rides - Agent Noob®

Name: Noob®
Age: >30 (Old man already)
Frame Set: Fuji Tahoe Comp
Fork: Fox Vanilla R 07
Gear Groupset: Shimano Deore XT
Wheelset: American Classic
Brakes: Avid BB7
Stem: FSA
Saddle: No idea but comfy !!
Seat Post: Amoeba

Sunday, July 20, 2008

FRIM Ride 19th JUL 2008

Hmmmm it's Friday, and guess what? Tomorrow is FRIM day! SMS after each SMSes of confirmation, we finally we have the timing set for the meet up.

The next morning, during breakfast with Chow, Karen and Donald at my favourite E-mee stall at section 17, Kelvin and CK told me they were already there. Due to a bit delay after breakfast , we sped off to FRIM. Upon arrival, gosh... those cars were queueing up like train at FRIM entrance. "I should have been here earlier!" I swerved to the left to avoid the queue and found a better parking area - nasty, hehe.

We parked our cars and deploy our bikes near the temple area. Just before the new car park area, Kelvin spotted us. He joined us and we continued for our usual Rover Track climb. CK and GF not visible. They must have gone somewhere else hey!

Few hundred metres after the climb, Kelvin's chain got slipped at the front mech. We the continued further leaving Chow, Karen and Donald. I did adviced Donald to go very slow and push the bike if i cannot make it since this is his first time,...I was like that too! He was cool.

Once we've completed Rover Track, I got a call from CK saying that he's now at near Horseshoe Trail a.k.a Steriod. Sounds so funny, sterrrroid...hehe. Kelvin and I left Rover's junction and we turn right heading towards CK. It took us another couple of minutes to get there with some short climbs and downhills.

At last, we met CK, GF and this time, he has another friend with new Merida Sub40 bike with a very huge frame sized XL...20inch! Massive! We introduce each other and within minutes, we decided to take a loop at Steroid Trail. The climb at Steriod was tough with Mel leading us by few hundred metres. When I was at the peak, it is so nice to see the entire scenery. Nice climb!

CK Happily Climbed with his Merida TFS Bike!

Mel and her friend resting under a shady tree at the peak while CK, Kelvin and Me decided to climb higher to explore possible trail up the hill. We climbed halfway and feeling half dead, we u-turned back. Just after the u-turn, we took some nice solo shots from our camera phones with the nice surrounding trees as if we were in the Salem ads!

Me like an old tired dog after the U-Turn... Exhausted!

I received a call from Chow, and we have to regroup. So once we met Chow and team as usual we introduce ourselves again.

Chow & Karen

The group gets bigger this time. Chow asked about steroid and I insisted to bring him there.

Mighty Couple: CK & MEL

The whole team departs from Rover and continued to the junction of Steroid.

CK's friend with the XL sized bike!

Again we took couple of shots with Donald's cam. Hehe.

Kelvin on the left with Donald & Me on the right... Happy People!

Next, we head to the restaurant nearby using some trails suggested by CK... very nice short trails! All stopped for some refreshments while CK brought Kelvin and me to Dream Trail. As we climbed the hill, there was a sound "thuggg". Damn! Kelvin's SRAM RD's tensioner spring broke, left his chain hanging at the bottom. CK suggested him to us the biggest chainring and smallest cassette setup. So again we u-turn back using the chicken loop...hehe. Kelvin went home after that.
Kelvin with his M5

Once done, CK and I regroup at the restaurant. They had their drinks and roti canai. I was exited as it is the end of the ride and I could get the XCR-RL fork from CK. Traded with him and we left home. I got a nice fork for my Fuji baby and nice riding experience in a bigger group at FRIM. Thanks to all!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Riders and Their Rides - Agent DonaldH®

Name: Don®
Age: >25
Frame Set: Da Bomb Tora Bora XC
Fork: RST Capa T4
Gear Groupset: Deore
Wheelset: Rigida Taurus (Formula Hubs)
Brakes: Tektro I/O Mechanical Disc
Stem: Kalloy
Saddle: Velo
Seat Post: Kalloy

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