Friday, April 30, 2010

New Car

I have been so buzy lately I can hardly find the time to post nowadays.

Just few days ago, I collected my wife's car from Perodua outlet. It's an Alza car (not MPV, I repeat, not MPV). It is not a luxury car, but good enough for my wife / family to travel around safely as compared to our older cars.

To cut it short, the reason why we chose this car is because:-

- Need not pay so much tax as compared to other brands such as Toyota, Nissan & Honda
- This car is also known as Toyota Passo Sette / Daihatsu Boon Luminas (try google)
- Toyota cars are more reliable in terms of engine performance
- Maintenance should not be high as the parts are the same as Toyota/Daihatsu

Picture taken from:
The picture above is only a sample to depict roughly how Alza looks like. I have yet find the time to take pics of the car, LOL.

Ours is the Premium unit and it comes with:-
- Blue Optitron meter
- ABS with EBD and Brake Assist
- Dual SRS Air Bags
- Twin Cam fuel injected engine with Valve Timing technology (same engine model as Toyota Rush)
- and etc... (check out Perodua's site or click on this post's title)

Even though Alza's engine is the same as Toyota Rush, Perodua has actually de-tune the engine by several horsepower in order for the engine to be more reliable on RON 95 petrol. This is quite strange, but as long as it is for the purpose of extending the reliability, why not? :)

This car was chosen over Kia Forte mainly because of the resale value of Kia cars @ Malaysia. We got the car pretty fast as my dad's friend is the sales man. Very reliable person and whoever wants to get Proton / Perodua without much hassle, just contact me. :)

First medium distance
I had the first drive... back to hometown on Friday 30th Apr 2010. Mileage is below 1000km and surprisingly, the car manage to clock 7.2 litre / 100km fuel consumption(FC). Average speed on the highway was around 90km/h (cannot rev hard below 1000km mark). Weight load on the car is equivalent to 3 adults and each wheel is on 31psi pressure. I didnt expect the FC to be lower than 10 litre / 100km. I am quite happy with wife's new car. :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ghost Express Bus

I was on my way back to hometown at night few weeks back when I came across a crazy express bus driver overtaking so many passenger cars like the one I am driving at the speed of over 110km/h.

That joker was driving recklessly along kilometer 260 - 198 towards south direction of the North South expressway and until now, I am still wondering why there is no action taken against these jokers.

I believe, many people with family like me would prefer to drive at night as it is cooler and more relaxing to drive. My advise to all of you when travelling on highway at night or daytime, please be aware of these bus drivers.

It is either you stay far behind them or they stay far behind you. Never ever go parallel/beside with them as I have seen a bus skidded and hit the divider, and then the driver managed to recover the bus' direction again. Just imagine if you go beside the bus... :P

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holts Lubricant

I have been searching for quite sometime for rubber lube mainly because my bike is equipped with more rubber seals now especially on the suspension fork, disc brake calipers and also the pivot bearings on the frame.

I was doing some shopping with my colleagues during lunch time @ 1Utama when I saw Holts Rubber and Nylon lubricant.

Thinking that the weather is getting hotter and hotter nowadays and to prevent the rubber seals from cracking due to wear and tear, it is good if I grab a can from the DIY store.

I brought back home that night and I applied to the seals using the below method:-

- Spray the lube onto a cotton bud
- Lube the seals gently without letting too much oil absorbed into the inner part of fork

- Lube also the pivot bearings' seals gently
- Wipe away the excessive oil with clean and dry cloth
That's all for the lubing part and do click on the title above for the link to Holts' website. :)

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