Saturday, February 14, 2009

Proton Satria Neo CPS is out!

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To all compact hatch-back / super mini enthusiasts, Proton has just launched Neo CPS yesterday. According to some sources, the Satria Neo CPS H-Line has a narrower front track at 1,467mm and a wider rear track 1,483mm. The new design is actually intended to overcome its previous slight oversteer problem.

If one to observe properly, the new body kit comes with older wheel arch which can be found in Satria GTi. The rims do look like different version of Advanti Racing’s MEDUSA model. There is also some changes in the interior like the meter panel.

The combination of two toned (black and red) near to bucket leather seats plus an engine that produces approximately 125 horses have transformed the Neo to a meaner sports compact than the lower end model.

The only setback about the Neo CPS is the availability of colour for buyer to choose from. Only two colours available. Solid white and metallic black. Black is too hot for our tropical weather and white is hard to maintain during rainy season - the car will look so dirty after each rain.

The Powerplant: 1.6L Campro with variable valve lift system, 125 horses - Not bad...

The Handling: Lotus DNA equipped - Sharp & Accurate = Serious Fun!

The Exterior: Bigger spoiler, new rear diffuser and sexier bodykits - Nice!

The Interior: Same same but different (material & colour)

The Colours: Black or White (Boring!)

Can Proton create the truly driving-pleasure machine? Wait till I test drive one when I'm free :)

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