Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back Post: White Water Rafting @ Slim River 12th JUL 2008

It was a bright Saturday morning - nice sunny weather. Donald came to my place and fetched me to office. All sports club members were already waiting when we arrived. Few minutes later, we left for the North-bound highway towards Slim River.

In order to get to the forest area, we first passed by a village known as "Slim Village". The road over there is narrow and i felt scared whenever there is an incoming lorry passing by our bus. Done with that, we came to our primary station for changing and briefing. Next to the station there was hot spring... with steam all over the area. The boiling water is definately >100 degree celcius as stated by the sign board!

Once done with briefing, we collected our equipments and head deeper into the forest area to our drop off point. There, we we trained a little about handling the raft as well as some important techniques.

One by one raft was released into the river with all team members onboard together with two orang asli guides - one front and the other at the back. They are definately the pros.

The first few initial rapids were challenging as water level was high on that morning. Water was cold too! Our guides shouted "paddle-up" and then all of us whacked the water with our pedals showing that we managed to overcome those obstacles!

One of the most challenging rapid is known as "Jeram Kotak" a.k.a "Box Rapid". This rapid can drop us down to 8 feet when the river water level is high. Pictures below shall depict what I just described.

One of the raft capsized in mid-way due to wrong rapid entry position, and one of our members (Teslie) were thrown into the water when our raft collided with another raft beside us.

At noon, we stop at one of the river banks for lunch break... I just had few mars chocolate bars... sigh,... still hungry after that.

The best part during the break was the water slide whereby each one of us will jump into the river at a small rapid, floated and pushed by the current to the end ot the short section with assistance of some guys. The water was cold!

Ending part was also cool whereby we climb onto the horizontal log and jumped into the river... Next, we went back to station for lunch via 4x4 vehicle, bought some petai and left for home, whatta tired day after all, but it was FUN! Priceless!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PADI Certification @ Lang Tengah Island

It was Thursday night and I went back to office with my backpack after dinner. I'm pretty sure everyone was so exited for the island trip. Secured my so called strategic seat with Justin in the bus for long hours journey, we chatted about our upcoming dives, read Chow's mountain bike magazine and lastly fell asleep.

After few stops, we finally had our breakfast (Nasi Dagang) near batu rakit about few kilometres from the Jetty. We settled ourselves on the boat and enjoying the sea breeze while waiting for the boat to arrive our destination: Paradise Island of Lang Tengah!

The water is crystal clear and the white sandy beach is awesome! Totally unspoilt! I was smiling all the way... see?

This is where we stayed at the island for 3D2N.

Right after lunch, we prepare ourselves for the first House-Reef dive. It was difficult to wear my wetsuit... maybe I've put on some weight!

Weather was superb... thank god! Posed solo with equipment on, hehe. So heavy!

Kenny Chong & Me just before our dives... newly certified divers... still learning, not easy hey!

Last pose on the white sandy beach with Diong, the Siemens' Iron Man!

So sad to leave the island on the last day... really don't feel like going back! Ow man! :(

So long... Lang Tengah, a nice ending pic.


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