Friday, December 25, 2009

New items from Taiwan Wellgo Magnesium & IceToolz

A friend of mine recently flew back from Taiwan. While he was on business trip, he managed to get me a pair of Wellgo sealed-bearing pedals and a chain scrubber. I need these items due to current wear and tear (too much riding, 25km a trip in the woods).

My current pedals are already more than a wear old with worn of bearings. It's time for me to experience sealed-bearing pedals for efficiency when pedalling.

As for the chain scrubber, I have yet to test it. I shall review it in the next post.

Merry Xmas '09 !!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A new frame for new year... Giant Anthem X3

It has been a while since I updated this blog. Recently, I met a friend nicknamed XY through forum and he has intention to ride again. Each one of us gave opinion to him for getting a new bike.

I then suggested Giant Anthem X series to him as this is a nice bike with 4.0 inches of rear travel. Giant company has been manufacturing bikes since my day one of mountain biking. In year 2005, I was amazed by the introduction of Maestro suspension technology. At that point in time, the whole bike would cost a bomb to me considering myself a part-time student and full time working employee.

Here's a quote from Giant's website about Maestro:
"The three core benefits that set Maestro apart are the result of careful placement of four key pivot points that neutralize both pedaling and braking forces, yet allow the suspension to remain fully active over all types of terrain." []

After visiting some bike shops, he found out that US branded bikes look so good but he has funding problem at that time and so bought Anthem X3 after asking me about the size.

After riding twice, he found that he needed bigger travel bike for weekend ride. XY then decided to sell off his frame to me in order to purchase hand-made frame from USA. The negotiations took place for several days before I decided to take over the frame.

I fnally said 'yes' to him when the price was right. At the same time, I managed to scout Rock Shox Tora SL Solo Air 100mm fork from BBS to complement the bike frame's geometry. The moment I got the parts, I went over to Local Bike Shop around my place to transplant the parts.

Here's a pic from Giant's Official Website (Greece):

And... here's my custom Giant Anthem X3:

The test ride:
The bike can really deliver/perform towards my XC-Trail riding style and I am fully satisfied when the bike could enable me to climb as good as my previous hardtail Fuji Tahoe SL. Maestro works!

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