Thursday, March 11, 2010

Telekom Malaysia's High Speed Broadband (HSBB)

Yesterday was a tiring day at work, and as usual, I am a bit quiet when I get home. Just before dinner time, my wife gave me surprised that she received an invitation card from Telekom Malaysia in the afternoon for free upgrade. That's a shocking news! She passed it to me and I read it immediately as I am exited to know any upgrade promotion for our current broadband line.

Well, it turned out to be a different story. I don't think she read it carefully, ...sigh :( . Telekom is actually inviting us to try out their new pre-launch High Speed Broadband service. Details about the start testing date was not given but we have to respond back the invitation by end of March 2010.

The testing will end somewhere around June and it should be at least 3 months for me to test out the new 20Mbps service. I shall confirm to them ASAP as I am pretty exited to be the first group to test it. Hope the result will not be a dissapointing one. :P

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Showcase Model: Porsche Bike FS Evolution

I was at home (Melaka) last weekend when I notice something that I have not paid much attention to... in the showcase cabinet. I found my old bike model, the Porsche FS Bike. I got it many years back from Jaya Jusco's points redemption program - thanks to my girlfriend (now my wife).

During those years, it was nearly impossible for people like me to own an FS (full suspension) bike, simply because FS bike was still new in Malaysian market and they were tagged with premium price.

I still keep that model in my showcase cabinet to tell me how lucky I am to have the chance to own a full suspension mountain bike. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gift from Prudential

Recently, my wife and I secured a premium for our baby from our Team TMK agent. This is inline with the purpose of getting a medical card for our boy. Medical cost is really pricey nowadays if you are dealing with private medical centres!

It was during the end of Chinese New Year and she got us a small Chinese New Year gift. I didn't even notice the box until someone place it at the dining table. My first impression was "Wow... a pack of food on da table!". LOL.

The packaging is neat and nice with good latch design. After figuring out on how to open the latch without destroying the gift box, I manage to open it and the soft toy is a cute, smiling tiger. :)

Thanks to our award winning agent CLK again!

*Note*: Let me know if you guys need a reliable financial planner/insurance agent... they (the couple) are heaps good! Hehe.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Air Conditioner - Panasonic Envio

Recently, my wife and I just replaced a new air conditioner unit, thinking that the weather is getting hotter during and after Chinese New Year holidays and my baby feels a bit uncomfortable during day time when we got back to city. The decision was made shortly after the >10 year old air conditioner was making so much weird grinding noise from the indoor unit at night.

I have chosen Envio series from Panasonic as this model comes with air purifying module, quick-cooling and energy saving mode. After the installation, we switch it on and tested it for an hour and the Envio is not bad as it cools the bedroom quickly considering that this as a 1 horse power unit.

Some relatives came over to see my baby when the air-cond technician just left the house. Oh my, I was busy cleaning the room and they came. I felt bad as I could entertain them as I needed to clean the bedroom ASAP before my son could take his afternoon nap. Sorry folks, daddy was buzy.

The most irritating part was whenever some relatives came over, not only they come to see the baby but then, they also try to give tons of unnecessary suggestions to us, as if we do not know how to take care of our first child. Oh common, please! My mom has been baby sitting so many kids since I was at young age (I do helped her) and I definitely know a lot more than these bunch of people trying to be the doctors and chinese medical practitioners! Whenever they throw out those suggestions ("you should... this, you should... that"), I get really really pissed off and I just kept quiet!

*** I'm sure there will be some busy-body (NBTD) people in the family that will read this post and broadcasts all over to everyone they meet in the big family. Thanks for being such group of people - so annoying! ***

Some of them did change the napkins (as if they were so pro) but that piece of cloth came loose just after five minutes! @%$#%$#^%%@$!!!!$#@$#!!! Tell me.. what do they know? -Nothing! LOL!!! Give us the chance to learn as we are young couple. We would have asked if we needed assistance or tips.

I would really like to thank my mom for being there when my wife and baby discharged from the hospital. She got ready all the necessary stuffs at hometown and we just drove back there from hospital (PJ). My wife and I learnt a lot from my mom and we are so thankful that she guided us all the way since the day one of confinement period.

Day by day we are learning ... not easy being parents, hey. :)

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