Thursday, December 30, 2010

New place, new living room (beginner stereophile setup)

It has been a long long long time since I updated this blog. Due to hectic working environment and also moving to new place, finally I manage to spend some time for my last post before 2011. What's new this time? A Fully Custom-Configured Home Entertainment System!

For my humble living room, I have set the following home entertainment centre, minus game console:-

Display: Panasonic VIERA TH-P42X28K Plasma HDTV

Networked Media Jukebox: Popcorn Hour A-200

Integrated Amplifier: Cambridge Audio Azur 340A SE

DAC (Digital/Analogue Converter): DacMagic Digital to Analogue Converter

Bookshelf Speakers: PSB Alpha B1 Monitor

Subwoofer: Mordaunt-Short Carnival 9 subwoofer

RCA Interconnects: QED & Cable Talk

IPTV Box: Supplied by Unifi (High Speed Broadband Service Provider)

Speaker Cable: Acoustic Research HT Pro Series 16-Gauge (Oxygen-free copper)

Speaker Stands: Cannot be used currently due to the size of my TV rack and Living room width

Having these items are really challenging for me to tune my audiophile music up to my preference and trust me, it took me days to do it! Even so, until now, it is still not 100% and this is the enjoyable process of testing and tuning the audio output.

Since my current cabinet is too long, I cannot use speaker stands, and temporarily I have to rely on the cabinet. The best solution in near future would be a proper AV cabinet with a pair of nice speaker stands for my PSB Alphas.


Anonymous said...

could you tell me how you connected your sub to the CAMBRIDGE Azur 340A, because im thinking of buying that amplifier but i didnt think it was possible to connect a sub because it dosnt have "pre out"


SinC® said...

According to some readings, CA team does test the Azur with Mordaunt's sub. Due to that, I have downloaded the Mordaunt's (subwoofer) installation manual and tested the connection - it works!

Once downloaded the installation guide, just look for Connection number 3.4 [Connect to left and right Line inputs if using with a 2-channel hi-fi system with no pre-out.]

If you cannot find the manual, just leave your e-mail and I shall provide you the pdf file. :)

Anonymous said...

nice! I just ordered the amplifier for my 2.0 system, but its nice to know that I have the option to add a sub later on. Cant seem to find the manual tho.

my email is


SinC® said...

Well, there's always some flexibility. Manual sent. :)

Have good time with your setup!

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